Last time, I insidted on using up 30 words at a time, but I seems not capable of using up without bullying Tom. This article requires Tom. This time I'll mention the Tom's common life.


After writing this far, I think not good to say something like this, I'd like to tell you that it is too hard to write this every day. In addition, It's more fun for me to write randomly anything without sticking the rule I defined before.  And I'm going to study English words with an application of my smartphone.


It's difficult for me to continue.

These my personality is why I dropped some units...

From next, I'll write the article in english without rule.

I'm so sorry but this time will finish. see you again.

Good night.


31 : insist on 言い張る

33 : require 必要とする

34 : capable するだけの力がある

39 : common ありふれた

40 : bully いじめる

54 : mention 言及する