This time, I tryed to write this article using English words exist in the book named Dragon English 1000 Essential Words. For now, I wern you to don't expect the article to be interesting. I suppose my English is not exact, and I'm not good at in English, so there are not afford to consider a humorous remarks. I think about about 30 words will be used at a time.

Maybe it will last a brief period. I'll get tired soon. Already, there is no idea how to use the word No.1 'universal' for example in this article. (However unfairly if I use these expression, it enable this article to use all of the English words.) 

 By the way, incredibly 18 words are not used yet. How to use the word 'climate'?

"Tom had been to Siberia having a harsh climate without anything to wear."

That's sounds good. The sentence includes two words difficult to use. But the meaning is a little rare.

"Tom had been fired because his attitude toward customers was too bad."

"Tom is occupied with folding a false bill whitch had been deliverd yesterday at vacant space of his classroom, so he isn't concentrate on his study."

"If you flatter Tom who comes from a wealthy family will maybe exchange your tire that had flatted for gorilla pleasurely."

 Tom's reputation become bad, but  the word from number 1 to 30 has been used all on this article. So It's all ok.


 See you again soon.


1:universal 普遍的な

2:climate 気候


4:wear 身に着けている

5:describe 説明する

6:concentrate on 集中する

7:brief 短い

8:fold 折る

9:deliver 届ける

10:remark 発言

11:consider 考慮する

12:exact 正確

13:last 続く

14:attitude 態度

15:enable A to B AがBを可能にする

16:suppose 思う

17:rare 希少

18:fire クビ

19:wealthy 裕福な

20:false 偽の

21:expect 思う

22:exchange 交換する

23:warm 警告する

24:pleasure 喜び

25:bill 請求書

26:flat 平らな(パンクした)

27:flatter おだてる

28:vacant 使用されていない

29:occupu 占める

30:exist 存在する


竹岡広信 ドラゴンイングリッシュ必修英単語1000 講談社 より引用